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We all could use a little help. We could use some help in this life in finding our own faith. It’s difficult to see the path that leads to God when there are so many obstacles and road blocks in our way. Most of those obstacles are man made. Do you want to know the good news? Jesus has removed all obstacles in your path.

In Acts 15 the early church wanted to make it easy for everyone who was turning to God. As a preacher I believe one of the best descriptions of what I get to do every week is that I am a tour guide. I want to help guide you on your journey of faith. More specifically I wish to partner with the Holy Spirit to guide you into the presence of Jesus so that you can see him more clearly. Along the way there are probably a few things that you could teach me as well, so please stick around and share a comment.

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Jovan Barrington is the Senior Minister at Littleton Church of Christ in Denver, CO. He is married to Ana and they have three beautiful, intelligent and energetic girls. Combined with a background in preaching and youth ministry he holds a Master of Science in Ministerial Leadership. Jovan loves communicating God’s word with passion, energy, warmth and transparency. He also has an open and approachable teaching and leadership style.