Self-Indulgence VS Self-Sacrifice

2018-02-06 09.41.39.pngThe Babylonians invaded Judah in 605 BC and took many young Jewish males into captivity. They took the best and brightest which included Daniel. Daniel may have been around 15 years old at the time (a teachable age). The Babylonians would then convert their captives to the ways of their culture. These young men after a three-year training were to become servants to the king. They would receive a privileged status.

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Storms of Renewal

2018-01-30 10.58.00.pngStorms enter your life and Jesus may not prevent them from forming, yet even in a furious squall, he will bring calm and renewal.  Continue reading →

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2018-01-23 12.20.00.pngDo this. Write down what it is that torments you. What is the cause of your fear? Is this also the cause of your suffering? What is binding you and keeping you chained and enslaved to darkness? It may not be just one thing. It could be several things, but maybe you could still give it a name. Put a name to it. Write it down.

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