Family of God

Demons cringe at his presence and know who he is. They submit to his authority and release those they hold captive at the sound of his name. They become obedient to his will and cannot escape his reach. Some think this is because demons and Jesus are “family.”  In Mark’s gospel, Jesus has authority over demons because he is releasing people to join his family, the family of God.

In chapter 3 of the gospel according to Mark, Jesus continues to demonstrate his power and authority by healing the sick and casting out demons.

There are many that have accepted his call to follow him and from among them, he sets apart twelve. Twelve individuals that he wants to pour his life and teachings into. Twelve that will also drive out demons and that he will send out to preach.

The call to follow Jesus is not only to believe what he says but to do what he does.

Imagine the scene if you will of Jesus appointing the twelve Apostles. Imagine the honor to be chosen and to be connected to the incredibly risky and rewarding work of serving humanity in the name of Jesus. This is an empowering and life-changing moment.

Yet, for the teachers of the law, they chose to credit the power over demons to the demonic. To them, Jesus is not the Anointed One or The Great Physician he is Beelzebul, the prince of demons.

But why would a demon drive out demons? That’s a house divided. That house will fall. Infighting is a terrible strategy for advancing your kingdom.

Jesus is not dividing houses he is building a spiritual house. He is building a family, the family of God.

The religious leaders think Jesus to “have an impure spirit” and his own family thinks that he is “out of his mind.” They both attempt to take charge of him, his family with an appeal to their blood relation and the teachers with intimidation and ridiculous accusations.

What do you believe about Jesus? How have you tried to take charge of him instead of allowing him to take charge of you?

Don’t misdirect Jesus’ motives for your life and the life of the world. His motives are pure because his purposes are noble and true.

He came for sinners to forgive them and heal them. He came to preach the goods news of the kingdom of heaven and to set us free from the sin that entangles us. He has our best interests in mind and we can trust him.

His life crosses the great divide between us and God created by our sin and rebellion. He chooses to divide us from our sin and bring us back to God.

He is calling you to sit in his circle and do the Father’s will.

This is a house united, a family with all things in common –  a common salvation and purpose.

His family is made up of ministers of reconciliation and dealers of hope. Jesus is building a family of faith and wishes to call you brother, sister, mother.

Answer the call to follow Jesus.

Will you do the Father’s will?

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