Fast and See

fullsizeoutput_64.jpeg“For three days he was blind, and did not eat or drink anything.”  – Acts 9:3

Saul, better known as Paul, persecuted Christians. He was zealous for it and he was really good at it. He was following a lead which took him toward Damascus. But his plans were interrupted. Read Acts 9:1-19

Jesus stopped him in a flash, with a blinding flash of light from heaven. Saul, a man who thought he saw the will of God clearly, was now blind.

In his state of blindness Saul prayed and fasted for three days. What Saul experienced, there was no denying it – there was no denying that Jesus was the Risen Lord.

And there was no denying Jesus. Saul had received the Master’s call. He gave his life to Jesus in faith, repentance, and baptism. His life was forever changed.

Saul once gave his life to persecuting the followers of Jesus. He first saw Jesus as an enemy to his religious system. Now Saul saw Jesus as the one who died for him while Saul was powerless and still an enemy of Christ.

Saul was able to see because he was given new eyes of faith. He was given a new path and he began to walk this new path by faith and not by sight.

His new path started with a powerful encounter which humbled Saul, who then practiced the private discipline of fasting.

His heart was shaped for the will of God and his eyes were ready to see The Way of God.

Fasting is for anyone who wants to see God.   

How can fasting help you to see Jesus more clearly? Have you said “yes” to the call of Jesus? How will you choose to walk by faith and not by sight?

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