2018-01-23 12.20.00.pngDo this. Write down what it is that torments you. What is the cause of your fear? Is this also the cause of your suffering? What is binding you and keeping you chained and enslaved to darkness? It may not be just one thing. It could be several things, but maybe you could still give it a name. Put a name to it. Write it down.

What did you write down? How does it look on the page? Is this the first time you’ve written it, whatever it is, down? Say it aloud. What does it sound like? Is it still as menacing as it was before you gave it a name?

Whatever you have named has been a stronghold in your life, obstructing you from the best that God for you. Its strength over you has been fueled by evil and fear. It has kept you from fully experiencing your greatest possessions; faith, hope, and love found in God’s only begotten Son.

Do this now. Write “Jesus” over the name you gave to what torments you. His name is above all names.

Next, make His name bigger, bolder, and more beautiful than anything else you have written on your page.



Now, speak His name out loud with boldness.

Sing praises to his name.


His name gives freedom. His name saves.

Call upon the name of Jesus.

His name strikes fear into what binds you.

Your sins may have enslaved you, but Jesus breaks the chains.

Many sins may have overpowered you, but Jesus overpowers them.

What has bound you may be strong, but Jesus is stronger.

The troubles and storms of this life are many. There is a Legion of them. There may be thousands of them.

Do not be afraid. Jesus calms the furious storms that rage against you and he subdues the evil that threatens to possess you.

Jesus is STRONGER.

Call upon his name.

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