You are Made to Make || Work for the Glory of God

2017-08-29 14.08.32“I hate my job. It’s not a calling, it is something that I do and I cannot wait until the day I can retire.” This came from one of the parents during a high school small group discussion many years ago. It gave me pause. I was trying to teach the teens to view their work as a calling. I realized that for this parent work was a dreadful duty. Continue reading →

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The Hope of the World

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Psalm 33 describes a God who is worthy of our trust, hope and worship.  God never breaks his promises to his creation.  He directs nations, kings, and the hearts of men for his glory and for the hope of the world. As you read this Psalm you will soon discover that God created all things and all things worship him and are submissive to him.

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Why You Need to Stop Being Busy and Waste Time with God


I’m a preacher and the stereotype for preachers is that we like to hear ourselves speak. It’s different when I am alone. When I am alone I grow tired of my inner voice. It’s too critical. Sometimes I am the last person I want to hear from. That may appear too self-deprecating, but for me I talk too much and I may fall in love with my own thoughts instead of the mind of God. I also may love preaching too much. There is a tension to manage of wanting to be around people so that they might like me and wanting to glorify God. Continue reading →

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