Catching Fire

2017-10-31 13.35.24“It is so good to still have you with us Jesus. We thought we’d lost you but here you are in the flesh. Those three days without you felt like an eternity but now that you’ve been with us for about, how long has it been? A little over a month? We couldn’t imagine life without you and we are ready for what comes next. So, me and the guys were wondering when are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel? What was that, Jesus? You’re leaving?”

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The Gospel is Lived and Spoken

2017-04-11 13.50.39“Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” – St. Francis of Assisi. Did he really say that? Probably not. It sounds good, but when preaching the Gospel both words and works are necessary. The Gospel is lived and spoken. Continue reading →

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TGIF Saint Patrick’s Day

2017-03-17 10.35.45Here’s some Saint Patty Day info!  Saint Patrick was a 5th century bishop who helped convert Ireland to Christianity. He is depicted with a cross in one hand and a shamrock in the other. It is told that Patrick would use the the three leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity to those he was converting. The colors blue and green have both been associated with Saint Patricks with green taking prominence through the influence of the political group, the United Irishmen.   Continue reading →

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file-mar-03-9-46-07-amI’ve got six dynamite links to share with you today! From The Shack, to sharing your faith, to Lent. I hope that they will be life enriching to you and that they will help you to see Jesus more clearly. Go and do good for God while you still have the opportunity and have an awesome weekend!  Continue reading →

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Can I CHANGE the World?

imageCan I change the world? If it were possible then where would I start? How many people must I impact with the love of Jesus to make a difference?

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying,

“Never worry about the numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” Continue reading →

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TGIF Links

people-woman-coffee-meeting.jpgThank God it’s Friday!

Here are some blogs, articles and podcasts that I just wanted to share with you. Have an awesome weekend and be the church!

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