Closer || The Journey of Service

2017-09-05 14.09.38.png“I want to have a closer relationship with God.” This is usually the sentiment from Christ followers. Many of the spiritual disciplines we practice are for us to be “closer.” We want to have that connection and to feel His closeness. The cross brings believers near. The cross makes us one with God and other followers. The cross was Jesus’ ultimate act of service for humanity. It was his purpose for coming in the flesh. The cross reconciles and makes us close but we will never feel close to Jesus unless we choose to follow him in death and service. Continue reading →

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A Church In & For Our Community

This weekend our church celebrated our first Others’ Day. A big hearty thanks to everyone who prayed for this day and to everyone at the Littleton Church. A big thanks to our local King Sooper’s stores for donating grocery bags. Also, a huge thanks to our neighbors for donating food! It really was a community event!

2016-09-06-18-22-01“Don’t just go to church, be the church. If simply going to church is your plan, you are missing out on the best that the church has to offer.”
– Craig Groeschel

Here are some highlights: Continue reading →

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