TGIF Humility

File Mar 10, 12 00 32 PM.pngI’ve got some great links to share this week! You may have heard it said that “humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” Humility today would make anyone’s top ten list of positive character traits. Humility is a virtue and it is listed high on theoretical importance, yet it is eroded by our western culture’s pull towards power and status. We pursue happiness and fulfillment through selfish ambition. True ambition is the pursuit of loving God and everybody more. 

  1. 17 Key Traits of Highly Effective Churches || Tony Foglio
  2. The Shack: A Review || Scott McKnight
  3. Four Ways Not to Work || Steve Graves
  4. How Christian Humility Upended the World || John Dickson
  5. What if You Were a Younger Sibling of Jesus? (YouTube) || Michael Jr.

How do you practice humility? How does humility resist the pursuit of power and status?

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