TGIF Inauguration Day

10video-obamatrump-videosixteenbynine1050I hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. Best of luck to the Obamas in this new phase of life. Pray, pray, pray for our new president, his administration, and our nation. 

Here are some good links to take you through the weekend.

  1. How to Pray for Your President || Dave Schelhaas
  2. Jesus: I am the Bread of Life || Corey Trevathan
  3. A Short Conversation on Fasting for Beginners Like Me (free ebook) || Dave Clayton
  4. Christians Reflect on Legacy of First Black President || Hamil R. Harris
  5. The Exploitation of Martin Luther King’s Legacy by White Supremacy ||The Establishment
  6. Obama Foundation ||

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