TGIF Snow Day!


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My social media timelines are filled with all my friend’s snow days. Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and even my beautiful state of Colorado have all been turned into winter wonderlands! Temps dropped to below zero in my community, that’s cold for me. So wherever you are, make some snowballs, or curl-up with some hot cocoa or a hot beverage of your choice (I’ve got a hot tea seeping right now) and enjoy some interesting links.

That’s right, I just wanted to share with you on this beautiful snow day some links I thought might interest you.

  1. Why the Search for a Church that Meets Your Needs is Futile || Carey Nieuwhof
  2. Five Tips for Increasing Your Writing Productivity || Pamela Rosen
  3. This Killed Kodak, and It’s Coming for Your Church || Karina Kreminski
  4. 40 Ways to Increase Baptisms in 2017 || Rick Warren
  5. Star Wars Fans want Princess Leia to Be Made an Official Disney Princess || Kirstin Fawcett

Is it snowing where you are? If so how many inches and how cold is it?

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