The Hope of the World

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Psalm 33 describes a God who is worthy of our trust, hope and worship.  God never breaks his promises to his creation.  He directs nations, kings, and the hearts of men for his glory and for the hope of the world. As you read this Psalm you will soon discover that God created all things and all things worship him and are submissive to him.

Creation Rejoices in Their Creator (1-5)
God has always existed outside of his creation. He created everything that ever was and ever will be not so that he would continue to exist or so that his creation would sustain him. God created because of his grace.

God is wholly other from his creation yet, there is nothing that has been created that does not have his finger print on it – his imprint. What God has created has a natural bent towards him. This is especially true with man.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart.” Ecclesiastes 3:11.

This passage is often quoted to say that mankind was created to worship his creator. Another way this is communicated is with the saying, “Everyone has a God shaped hole in their heart that only the Creator can fill.”

As worshippers, we may try to fill our hearts with what God has created instead of The Creator. This Psalm begins with a beautiful picture of God’s creation in joyful worship.

God Spoke the Universe into Existence (6-9)
God’s word is the catalyst of creation. Creative power is in God’s word and all the elements of the natural world are at his command.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1.

There was darkness and everything was void. With God’s breath, we now exist. With his breath, he creates life.

John 1 begins, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In verse 14 we read, “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

The apostle John connects Jesus to the creation story. The incarnation of Jesus Christ per Irenaeus is the goal of creation, not plan b.

What God spoke –  Jesus lived.

God is Transcendent and Good (10-15)
God is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere. God is sovereign over all. God is overseer of all nations, kings and queens, dictators, and republics. There is nothing that is outside of his touch and control.

God is to be feared and revered and yet, knowing all of that, God is also good. He is not tame but he has a heart for his creation and forms the hearts of men.

Through the hearts of men God’s redemptive and re-creative purposes will be fulfilled.

God Recreates in a Chaotic World (16-19)
God gets the credit for all good. He is mankind’s savior. Yet we put much more significance on kings, government, and presidents than on God who is our rock and our salvation. We have vain hope in other things that bring us counterfeit security.

It is God in whom we hope and God in whom we fear. Presidents fail us but God is unfailing in his love. Governments over promise and under deliver but God’s promises are fulfilled. God keeps his word.

We put too much trust in empire. We are tempted to believe that the world’s sole hope lies in the power of our military. We believe our government is solely changed by the power of our vote but the government rests on the shoulders of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jesus is the world’s greatest hope.

God is our sole deliverer, protector, and provider.

Much like his relationship with Adam and Eve in Eden, God wants us to depend on him. Adam and Eve were provided the tree of life to eat of its fruit.

God gives us our daily bread.

The Hope of the World (20-22)
God who is both transcendent and good is trustworthy. We can trust that he will protect us. We can trust that God will come to our aide in times of trouble when the Evil One attacks.

God’s unfailing love makes our hearts rejoice and allows us to put our hope in him.

What did you learn from reading this Psalm? Please share your comments below.

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